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When people of all ages take music and voice lessons, they learn much more than just how to perform!

Parents find that music lessons for kids not only improve their children's memorization and small motor skills, but strongly contribute to the building of their child's self-confidence. This in turn helps children succeed not only in music, but in school and other outside activities. Both children and their parents find it truly rewarding when a child reaches a pre-set goal or milestone; whether that is learning a new song, performing in front of others or just finding enjoyment in music.

Adults in their 20's and 30's see lessons as a creative outlet and something to help them de-stress after a long day. For many, music lessons are the beginning steps of a career in live performance or recorded music. For others, music lessons are a way to express emotion or impress others with their new-found talents through a birthday, wedding, or special event performance.

Older adults find that music lessons are a great way to stay mentally active. Many will resume lessons for an instrument they played in the past to polish up their skills while others are interested in learning something brand new and acquiring a special talent. Music is known to be therapeutic and a great way to keep one's mind young!

Did you know that music ...

*    Helps develop skills needed in today's workforce: critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication, teamwork, and confidence

*    Keeps kids engaged in school and less likely to drop out while helping them achieve in other academic subjects like math, science, and reading

*    Helps communities share ideas and values among cultures and generations

Quick facts about music lessons

According to a recent Gallup poll:

*    More than half of U.S. households (52%) has at least one person, age 5 or older, who currently plays a musical instrument

*    85% of Americans believe that music is a very important part of their life

*    82% of Americans wish they had learned to play a musical instrument, and 67% expressed an interest in learning to play

*    94% of respondents believe music is part of a well-rounded education, and that schools should offer instrument music instruction as part of the regular curriculum

*    85% believe participation in school music corresponds with better grades and higher test scores

*    Seniors are turning to music making as not just an enjoyable pastime, but also for the health and wellness benefits such as enhanced immune systems, stress reduction, and staving off depression and loneliness.


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Benefits of Music Lessons

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