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Our Purpose

Encore Music Studio is a private learning center in the field of music. Our purpose is to integrate every individual's educational growth and development through learning and enjoyment of music. Our various programs offer sequencial instruction customized for each student and promotes the student's maturity in their creative thinking and expression.

Teaching Philosophy

Music is fundamentally about enjoyment and it is important for one to find pleasure in the learning process in order to achieve success playing an instrument. Our approach is to help the student discover personal rewards in music study, find enjoyment in musicmaking, feel confident of his/her ability to learn and feel that the effort put into music study is a worthwhile endeavor. Our primary goal is to teach students how to learn. Our teaching style, curriculum and approach is flexible, varied and individualized to match the learning style of the student. Empowerment is the key to motivation. Motivation is not something the teacher gives a student; it is something the student gives himself. Our part is to introduce possibilities and help keep the student from becoming overwhelmed and losing interest. The program is set up to balance technical fundamentals with the personal interests of the student. Musical experimentation is always encouraged and necessary to ensure the growth of the creative process, and give the student a sense of individual style.


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Benefits of Music Lessons

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