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The objective of the program is for the student to become proficient on the acoustic or electric guitar in which ever style (rock, blues, folk, jazz, classical...) he/she chooses. The following skills will be introduced and developed:

• Reading musical notation as applied to the instrument. This will include use of standard notation and tablature can be used in cases where it is appropriate.

• The study of chords and application of chord inversions/extensions. The ability to recognize chord symbols and read chord diagrams will be discussed including basic chord/melody techniques.

• The study of scales and arpeggios. Major, minor and pentatonic scales and arpeggios will be explored with an understanding of the fundamentals of the musical language.

• To develop a repertoire of performance pieces. It is important that the musical fundamentals studied are applied in the performance and memorization of various compositions for the guitar. This includes compositions from many different styles of music. Classical, jazz, blues, rock, country and folk are some of the styles that are addressed.


The preparation of assigned work will be necessary to accomplish the objectives. Students must be prepared to spend time outside of lesson time to practice and apply the materials discussed.


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